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5QS undertake geotechnical risk assessment and/or design for infrastructure such as roads, railways, pipelines, industrial sites, subdivisions and individual house sites.

Our multidisciplinary environmental team consisting of Environmental, Geotechnical and Civil engineers, as well as our close working relationship with environmental science consultants, is a clear point of difference as it enables 5QS to appreciate the various performance requirements of your project. This combined capability and experience ensures that our geotechnical investigations and designs meet your project requirements.


Our services include:


  • Our services include:

  • Contamination assessments

  • Effluent dispersal soil tests

  • ENM and VENM material assessments

  • ENM and VENM soil assessments

  • Erosion and sediment control

  • On-site effluent management

  • On-site wastewater disposal to AS1547

  • On-site wastewater management

  • Technical reports

Sewage Filtration
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